Musgrave Food Safety Week 2018

Musgrave Food Safety Week 2018

Food Safety Week has now become an annual event in the Musgrave diary. The purpose of the week is to raise awareness across Musgrave and our Retail Partners of the importance of Food Safety in protecting consumers, your business and the Brands.

Underpinning the week was the cornerstone message of  “Food Safety. It Starts with Me” which signals that food safety is not only the responsibility of those with food safety in their job title – it is everyone’s job at every level of a food business.

Naturally, Food Safety Week is highlighting what we all need to do everyday. By doing so we will together ensure that our consumers can continue to enjoy safe food at all times.

Please see below the information leaflets and posters we handed out around our warehouses during the week. Feel free to get them out into the stores as well.

Allergens pdf

Bacteria Never Sleep

Food Safety It Start With Me

Food Safety Week A4

Generic poster 2018

Germometer A4 poster 3



Top 10 Facts

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