GFSI Conference 2020 is 20th anniversary of international group

GFSI Conference 2020 is 20th anniversary of international group

Over 1,200 food industry leaders from 50+ countries attend the global GFSI Conference, which has become the meeting place for decision-makers from across the supply chain and around the world, from the private and public sectors alike. Participants share knowledge, strengthen their networks, showcase their learnings and do business.

The GFSI Conference stage features a wide range of hand-picked speakers: renowned experts and academics, CEOs, public authorities, industry leaders, innovators and grassroots players. Their presentations offer insight into the latest science, technology and collaborative tools being leveraged for food safety around the world.

GFSI turns 20 in 2020, offering a timely opportunity to take stock of the past two decades of food safety innovation. The conference theme hinges around innovation: One Connected World. One Safe Food Supply.

Advancements in communication and transportation have brought the world closer together than ever before. No sector illustrates this interconnectedness more than the food industry, where a product made and sold in one country may contain ingredients sourced from a dozen others.

Everyone has the right to safe food. At GFSI, we agree on this fundamental truth.

The 2020 conference which took place in Seattle last week attracted more than 1,000 food safety leaders from more than 50 countries. It was kicked off by Peter Freedman, managing director of The Consumer Goods Forum (GCF).  Freedman pointed to the recent wildfires in Brazil as an example of how we could be at a tipping point. He said action is more important than ever and that it’s not just a matter of responding but responding urgently.

He also used recent E. coli outbreaks in 2017, 2018, and late 2019 to tell the industry leaders gathered at the conference that food safety cannot be taken for granted.

“This week is not about us as individuals, it’s about how we come together as a collective of brilliant minds to provide solutions.” Erica Sheward, GFSI director, said when she took the stage.